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Jay Yasgur, R.Ph., M. Sc


Jay Yasgur, R.Ph., M.Sc.

Mr. Yasgur (1953 - ) is a pharmacist having received his pharmacy degree from Duquesne University (1976) and his M.Sc. in Allied Health from the University of North Florida (1987). He became interested in the holistic health care field while studying massage in Florida. Later, while associated with a holistic health clinic, he pursued homeopathic studies under the direction of A. J. Trofe, a naprapath.

In the mid-1980s, Mr. Yasgur worked for Humphreys Pharmacal, a homeopathic manufacturer of combination products and Weleda, an anthroposophical firm. He worked as a part-time pharmacist for some forty years before his retirement in 2018. In the past, he conducted a small clinical practice utilizing homeopathy, song, massage and plant spirit medicine. Also, he has presented workshops and seminars and occasionally gives talks, e.g., 'The Intersection of Homeopathy and Anthroposophy' (2022 JAHC Conference).

He is a member of several homeopathic organizations including the NCH (National Center for Homeopathy) and the HPCUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States).

Mr. Yasgur has written homeopathic articles for numerous journals, e.g., Pharmacy Times, American Druggist, American Pharmacy, as well as Resonance, Simillimum, Lilipoh, Homoeopathic Links, American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine (formerly the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicne, Natural Pharmacy, Natural Pharmacy Newsletter, Lloydiana, Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, HerbalGram, Similia, American Homoeopath, Homeopathy Today, and The Homoeopath.

Yasgur's Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference, 6th ed. (2021), is a popular and useful reference. He edited and reprinted, Some Clinical Experiences of E.E. Case, M.D. (1916; by E. E. Case, M.D.) and Homoeopathic Materia Medica for Nurses (1922; by B.C. Woodbury, Jr., M.D.). He produced the coffee table book, 111 Great Homeopaths. Along with Chris Ellithorp, they produced a small booklet, 'The Dunham Lectures of J.T. Kent,' which contains four lectures previously unpublished. Mr. Yasgur created a homeopathic wall calendar for the year 1995, and compiled the 300 page Cumulative Index to the 'Homoeopahtic Physician.’ He has created other works of a smaller nature, e.g., 'Historical Timeline of Homeopathy,' etc.

Mr. Yasgur was the first to offer certified continuing education credits on homeopathy to pharmacists when he presented a talk and film to the Pinellas County Pharmaceutical Association (St. Petersburg, FL), in 1985. His talk was entitled 'Homeopathy and Macrobiotics.'

While traveling in Nigeria in late 1992, Jay was invited to lecture on homeopathy. To recognize his publishing achievements and homeopathic expertise, he was honored by receiving the Obong (Chief) title -Obong Ikpaisong Ibibio and Annang A.K.S., Nigeria, of Traditional Medicine.

Of late, anthroposophical medicine has taken on a special interest for him and he now concentrates on anthroposophical and homeopathic book reviews, historical articles and writing obituaries. He continues to expand his dictionary into encyclopedic proportions: it is now in digital format and is currently three thousand pages in length -a publication date has yet to be determined. However, the 480 page, 6th edition remains in print. It is still sold at the original price since publication in 1998.

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