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8" x 10" Black and White Photos of Homeopaths

Ready to frame

Case, Clarke, Woodbury

K.J. Aegidi
T.F. Allen
H.C. Allen
C. Boenninghausen
C. Boger
A. Boothby
T.L. Bradford
F. Cartier
E.E. Case
J.H. Clarke
R. Dudgeon
P. Dudley
C. Dunham
E.A. Farrington
B. Fincke
H.B. Gram
von Grauvogl
J. Minerva-Green
S.C.F. Hahnemann
W.T. Helmuth
C.J. Hempel
C. Hering
B.L. Hill
W. Holcombe
F. Humphreys
G.J. Jones
A. Lippe
J.T. Kent
W.H. King
C. Knerr
E.B. Nash
A. Nebel
H.G. Perez
H. Pulte
F. Quin
P. Schmidt
D.S. Smith
I.T. Talbot
S. Talcott
A.R. Thomas
P. Wait
J. Weir
J.C. Wood
B.C. Woodbury, Jr.
E. Wright-Hubbard
W.A. Yingling
Hahnemann Monument (Washington, DC)
Founders of the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania (Williamson, Hering, Jeanes)

Choose from the above for immediate shipment or inquire about specific persons, subjects, or homeopathic historical research issues.

$15.00 each

Four or more for $12.50 each

Postage of $8 per order within Continental US (no PO Boxes)

International orders add 20% for shipping via sea post.

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