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Concordância Homeopática

by Elias Carlos Zobi

Concordancia Homeopatica

This large alphabetically arranged volume by Brazilian homeopath and veterinarian E.C. Zobi is a book of dreams and their associated remedies. The material is based on the pure materia medica and is the only reference of its kind.

For example, Dogs - Pursued by Dogs, being:

1. NUX-V-HR1-37.9) Dreams: sad or frightful; of mutilations; confused anxious; pursued by cats and dogs, etc.; about fatal accidents; of quarreling; about exerting the mind; amorous.

2. SIL-A1-1783) Dreams of the occurrences of the day and of large dogs that followed him.

3. VERAT-A1-927) Frightful anxious dreams at night, for example, that a dog was biting him, and he could not get away. HR1-37.7) Dreams of being drowned; of being bitten by a dog and cannot escape; of being hunted; of robbers, with frightened awaking and a fixed idea that dream is true.

Bilingual (Portuguese and English). Hardcover - 640 pages (1998). Dimensions: 5" x 8.5".

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